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The tool that manages your stress and workload: getting your work done, all of it, in time, and without stress!

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The tool to get things out of your head to be dealt with appropriately for instant stress relief and to prevent future stress.

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The most reliable tool to remind your future self of things from the past so you your present self doesn't have to.

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Haskell Templates

Haskell project templates that save hours so you can start working on your brilliant business logic immediately.

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Social Dance

Find a place to dance tonight. Type in your location, press 'search', and scroll through the social dance parties in your area.

Latest Blogpost

Announcing `safe-coloured-text` `` with a quick primer on character encodings

This post announces the new version of the safe-coloured-text library. The safe-coloured-text library lets you safely output coloured text to a terminal. The idea for version came from a very smart and annoyingly sensible comment on reddit. The first ( version made the now-considered-erroneous decision to require the user to use UTF8. The newest ( version relaxes that requirement by using Text instead of ByteString.

Date 2022-06-28